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I spend a lot of time reading books and writing. To further my knowledge, I scour hundreds of blog posts, podcasts and clips every day, trawling the far-flung corners of the Internet. For the past five years I've been sharing what I uncover in my weekly curated permafree newsletter, Zude's Top 4.

In The Daily RESET I'll bring you the top three things I've read that day and why. Every evening bar Thursday, when you’ll get Zude’s Top 4. On Saturday you'll receive my favourite audio and video of the last seven days. On Sunday I’ll read you a passage from a good book (fiction/non-fiction).

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I'm David Sawyer. I've won a UN award for my work and am a Fellow of my UK industry body. In 2018, I wrote and published the bestselling and well-rated UK financial independence book, RESET. You might have heard me talking about it on ChooseFI and Monevator.

My interests are diverse. I recommend The Daily RESET if you like self-improvement, books, personal finance, financial independence, investing, ultra-running, marathoning, midlife, the 80s/90s, writing, freelancing, sport, politics, culture, society, public relations and marketing, future-gazing, stories, northern soul, classic TV, history, tech, media, the US, the UK, Europe, world affairs, philosophy…life in all its glories.

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UN Award-winning PR consultant. I help businesses communicate –⁠ in the best and worst of times. CIPR Fellow. Author of RESET. 2:40:36 mara.